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Best DVD Rental Services

Best DVD Rental Services

Online DVD rentals are the latest craze...and why not? Renting DVDs online is extremely easy, cost effective, and super convenient. Yet you may be wondering which DVD rental service is best.

Best DVD Rental Services
There are different places to go for online dvd rentals, and rate the best here to help you decide.

1. Block Buster Video
Because of their huge selection, great value and unique benefits, Blockbuster Video is our #1 dvd rental service. Unlimited subscription options start at just $8.99 per month for one title out at a time (and only $3.99 per month for limited plans). For just $15.99 a month, you get 3 dvds at a time and over 80,000 titles to choose from. On top of the online dvd rentals, Blockbuster Total Access plans (from $11.99 to $19.99 per month) include free in-store exchanges at local Blockbuster Video stores. This is a unique benefit that other online dvd rental services do not offer, and can be useful if you're suddenly in the mood to watch a particular movie right that day. Making this great deal even better is a $9.99 introductory offer, so you can try the Blockbuster DVD rental service for cheap.

Join Blockbuster Online, try their Free Trial Offer or visit the site for all the details and info.

2. Netflix
With over 8 million subscribers, Netflix is the most popular online service for dvd rentals and our #2 choice. At just $4.99 per month, you get a limit of 2 DVDs a month and 2 hours of online viewing. For as low as $8.99 a month, you get unlimited rentals (other plans are available for up to 4 DVDs at a time) and can choose from over 100,000 different movie titles in more than 200 genres. With a Free Trial amd no cancellation fees or commitments, there isn't a reason not to give them a try.

Join for a Netflix Free Trial or visit the site for all the details and info.

In addition to info on DVD rental services, we also provide info on DVD Clubs such as Colombia House DVD Club and Disney Movie Club as well as other information on where you can Buy DVDs Online.

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