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Online DVD rentals are incredibly popular because renting DVDs online is extremely easy, cost effective and convenient. Netflix and Blockbuster Online are popular choices, and there are a number of other great services to choose from.

How DVD Rentals Work
How it works is simple. After joining you choose a list of DVD movies you want to rent. The DVD movie rental service will send you the first selections on your list, and you can watch them whenever you want. When you are done with a movie, just put it in the postage paid mailers you will be provided with and drop it in a mailbox. When they receive it, the dvd rental service will send you the next selection from your list.

Online DVD Rental Advantages
There are numerous advantages to renting DVDs this way. One is no late fees, and no rushing to see a movie or worrying about returning it in time. You do not have to worry about traffic or waiting in any lines. Plus dvd rental services often have 20,000 to 90,000 or more movies to choose from, which is far more than could fit in your local store.

Cost of DVD Rentals
Another advantage is the low cost. You just pay a low, flat monthly fee no matter how many dvds you watch in a month. (The only limit is how many items you can have out at a time, which varies with different plans and different services.) Plus postage is free both ways! They pay the postage to send the DVD movies to you and provide you with prepaid mailers you use to send them back.

Online DVD Rental Services
There are different places to go for dvd rentals, and we present some of the best options available here.

Netflix DVD Rentals
With over 8,000,000 customers, Netflix is the most popular online service for dvd rentals. More than 90% of their subscribers generally receive 1-day service, and this fast delivery is possible because they have over 40 distribution centers across the USA. The lowest priced plan, which allows for 2 DVDs per month and 2 hours of online viewing is just $4.99. You can rent unlimited movies at Netflix and get unlimited online viewing starting at just $8.99 a month, with 1 title out at a time. (Other plans are available for up to 4 at a time.) They have over 100,000 titles available (including Blu-Ray HD discs), there are no cancellation fees or commitments, and you get a Free Trial! With the Netflix Free Trial you can try this online movie rental service out today and find out just how great they are for yourself! Learn more about Netflix by reading user submitted Netflix Reviews.

Blockbuster DVD Rentals
Blockbuster Video offers a great online service where you get unlimited rentals for as low as $8.99 a month. With that plan you only get 1 movie out at a time, but other plans are available for 2 or 3 out at once. With all the plans there are no due dates or late fees to worry about. They have an enormous selection of over 80,000 different titles to choose from, including the latest new releases. They even support the latest high definition technology, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. In addition to your online dvd rentals, the Total Access plans allow you to get free in-store exchanges at local Blockbuster Video stores. Plus they are offering the first month for $9.99, so you can test it out for yourself cheaply. Take advantage of this Blockbuster Online Deal today or try them out without cost using thier Free Trial Offer! Find out more on Blockbuster Online with these Blockbuster Reviews.

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>> No longer operating: Intelliflix, GameznFlix, and Clean Films

Beyond DVD Rentals
Perhaps for some reason DVD rentals are not for you. Or maybe you rent dvds online already, but there are some you want to own. For these reasons we also have information on our site about DVD Movie Clubs such as Columbia House and Disney Movie Club as well as other information on where you can Buy DVD Movies Online.

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