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DVD Movie Clubs - DVD Club Info

DVD clubs are a great way to build your dvd movie collection without spending a lot. DVD clubs usually offer great deals to attract new customers to the dvd club, and they continue to offer special deals to interest you in the latest movies. These deals are what makes dvd clubs so popular and why a dvd movie club may be right for you.

How Online DVD Clubs Work
If you've joined a music club before, you already know how most DVD clubs works. When you join a dvd club, you get free or very low priced dvd movies. However, you are committed to purchase a number of additional DVD movies at regular prices within a certain time frame, such as one or two years. It is generally long enough to give you plenty of time to find movies that you want, and you generally do not have to worry about finding more dvds to buy right away.

Although regular prices at most dvd movie clubs are a little higher than you would normally pay, when you factor in the initial DVDs, it still ends up being a really good deal. For example, if you get 5 dvd movies for $1 each and then have to buy 5 more for $19, you end up with 10 DVDs at an average cost of only $10 each. Since most dvd movie clubs have a large selection of the latest releases and most popular titles, this is an incredible deal.

DVD Movie Clubs
Joining a dvd club is a great way to quickly get a bunch of dvd movies without spending much up front. There are several different DVD movie clubs available, and we present the best options here.

Columbia House DVD Club
Columbia House DVD Club is the largest and most popular DVD club. Right now Columbia House has an amazing offer where you get 3 DVDs for just $1 each! They also have a deal where you can buy another DVD for just $9.95 to remove one from your commitment. So take advantage of this offer now and join this dvd club for 3 DVDs for $1 Each.

For more information, visit our Colombia House DVD Club Page. For all the details or to join the service, go directly to Columbia House DVD Club.

Disney DVD Movie Club
The Disney Movie Club is a great way to get Disney DVDs without spending a lot. Right now Disney Movie Club has a fantastic offer where you can Get 4 Disney Movies for FREE!. Check out the Disney dvd club site for all the details on the free movie offer. Overall, it is a great way to quickly expand your Disney movie collection.

For more information, visit our Disney DVD Club Page. For all the details or to join the service, go directly to Disney Movie Club.

Perhaps a DVD club isn't ideal for you and you would be better off with online dvd rentals. Some of the best dvd rental services include Walmart DVD Rentals, Netflix, Blockbuster Video, and DVD Avenue. We also have information on where you can Buy DVD Movies Online.

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