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WalMart DVD Rental - Wal Mart DVD Rentals Online

MAJOR UPDATE: Walmart DVD Rentals closed down effective June 16, 2005. Please browse our site for other online dvd rental options such as Netflix and Blockbuster Video.

Online DVD rental services like Walmart DVD Rentals are the latest craze...and why not? Renting DVDs online is extremely easy, cost effective, and super convenient.

Walmart DVD Rentals

Walmart DVD Rental Service
Everyone knows about Wal Mart, but you may not know that they have a great dvd rental service. With Walmart DVD Rentals, you get unlimited rentals with no due dates or late fees. Keep the DVDs as long as you want. When you are done with a movie, just return it to Walmart DVD Rental with the pre-paid envelope. (Yes, shipping is totally free both ways.) Once they receive it, Wal Mart will send you the next movie on your list.

Walmart DVD Rental Membership options start at just $12.97 for 2 DVDs at a time and they have plans for 3 or 4 DVDs at a time:

  • 2 DVDs at a time - $12.97
  • 3 DVDs at a time - $17.36
  • 4 DVDs at a time - $21.94

Wal Mart DVD Rental has over 16,000 DVD movies to choose from. From classic movies to the latest Hollywood releases, the Walmart DVD rentals service has a huge selection of movies.

The great news is that if you sign up for Walmart DVD Rentals now, your first 30 days are FREE! With this Walmart DVD Rental Free Trial there is no reason not to try them out today.

For more information, all the details or to join the Walmart DVD rental service, click to go to Walmart DVD Rentals.

Other places for online dvd rentals include NetFlix, Blockbuster Video and DVD Avenue.

Perhaps for some reason DVD rentals are not for you. Or maybe you rent dvds online already, but there are some you want to own. For these reasons we also have information on our site about DVD Movie Clubs such as Columbia House and Disney Movie Club as well as other information on where you can Buy DVD Movies Online.

Thank you for visiting for information on Walmart DVD Rentals. Please add our site to your favorites and tell your friends about us.


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