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Wanted List Adult DVD Rental - DVD Rentals

Online DVD rental services like WantedList have become a huge success because it is discreet, easy, convenient and cheap to rent adult DVD movies online.

Wanted List
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Wanted List DVD Rental Service
Wanted List is known as Earth's Largest Adult DVD rental store. It's hard to argue when it is easy to see that they offer unlimited adult dvd rentals, over 15,000 titles to choose from, and multiple distribution centers to offer the fastest shipping.

With WantedList, you can rent or buy just about every title they list. This makes it easy to rent titles you like and buy the titles you love and want to keep forever.

With, it is really easy to find tons of flicks you want to see, while avoiding losers. They provide over 20,000 customer and critic reviews and they include over 40,000 screenshots from adult movies. You can browse titles by genre, studio or star. Plus, when you are browsing one movie, they give you suggestions for other titles you may also like.

Shipping is fast, because Wanted List has multiple distribution centers. Shipping is also free both ways and shipments are discreetly packaged for your privacy. There are no due dates, late fees, hassles or hidden catches, and you can rent all the adult movies you want.

Their regular subscription plan is for 2 DVDs out at a time and it is $17.95 per month. This is the plan you get for the free trial. WantedList has additional plans for renting 3, 4, 6 or 8 DVD movies at a time, known as the XXX, Preferred, Rock Star and Porn Star plans respectively. Why not take advantage of the Wanted List Free Trial offer right now and see what this adult DVD rental service is like.

For more details or to subscribe to the Wanted List service, click to go to

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Other places for adult dvd rentals include SugarDVD.

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