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Clean DVD Rentals - Rent Clean DVD Movies Online

MAJOR UPDATE: Services like these that sanitize DVDs to make a clean version of the movie have shut down. Because of copyright laws they cannot create edited versions of movies without having permission. This means that and other services that are similar have closed.

Because it is such a simple, effective and efficient way to rent movies, online DVD rental services are booming. However, many parents are disappointed that so many movies these days have profanity, extreme violence, and sexual situations. The answer is clean DVD rentals.

Clean DVD Rental Services
If you want to rent clean dvd movies online, you can with these clean dvd movie rental services.

Clean Films DVD Rentals
Clean Films is a dvd rental service that rents DVDs that are family edited. They edit out the sex, profanity, nudity and extreme violence so you and your family can watch popular movies without the garbage. CleanFilms starts at just $19.95 a month, you get 2 DVD movies out at a time. They have other membership options if you prefer to have 3, 5 or 7 DVDs out at a time and provide a free DVD player with a 1 year pre-paid membership. Plus they offer a Free 15-Day Trial! With the Clean Films Free Trial there's no good reason not to give them a try today!

For more information, visit our Clean Films DVD Rentals Page. For all the details or to join the service, go directly to

How Clean DVD Rentals Work
These services work about the same as other online DVD rental services, with the difference being that the DVDs have been edited to make them family friendly. After joining a clean dvd rental service, you select movies you want to rent and add them to your queue. They send you your first selections through the mail, and you can watch them at your convenience as many times as you want. When you're done with a DVD, use a pre-paid mailer to send it back. Once they get the movie, they send you the next one in your queue.

Online DVD Rental Advantages
The main advantage of these clean DVD services is that you can let your family watch popular movies without subjecting them to profanity, violence and sexual content. Compared to offline video stores, they are also more convenient because there is no driving, standing in line, late fees or due dates. In addition, you just can't get many family edited DVD movies at most local rental places.

Cost of Online DVD Rentals
These services are relatively cheap because you do not have to pay for each movie, you just pay a monthly subscription fee. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges, because there are no late fees and shipping is free both directions. This cost benefit is on top of the tremendous convenience and selection you get online.

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